I may or may not have a secret poetry Instagram. Until I decide to go public with that account, please find some of my poetry out in the wild below!

Posing with my poem “a calendar of solar & lunar eclipses” displayed at Boston City Hall!

Molecule Literary Magazine Issue 7: “new muse”

Rigorous Magazine Volume Six, Issue 2: “Things I Have Yet to Learn”, “we rang in 2020 with a kiss & / then the whole world fell to shit”, “I have only ever loved you in Taiwan, / so I try to imagine loving you at home”, “Why We March”, “FWB (friends with belly rubs)”, “一見鍾情”, “My sister thinks our parents might get a divorce”

City of Boston Arts and Culture, Mayor’s Poetry Program: “a calendar of solar & lunar eclipses”

Poetry by Chance: An Anthology of Poems Powered by Metaphor Dice (Button Poetry, 2023): “I Am Heading North to Forget You”