The Writer

The Writer is Emily Sun Li’s first novel, classified as young adult fantasy but enjoyable for all readers. It was published on October 16th, 2012 by Itoh Press, LLC and is available directly at Amazon or for order from your local Barnes & Noble. An excerpt of the novel won the 2013 YoungArts Merit Award.

What if you could Write things alive? Maybe you would Write yourself millions of dollars, or a pet dragon, or even an entire world. But what happens when the bad guy can too? Pren was supposed to be a perfect world – where grass is blue and skies are purple, where fathers are wood-whittlers and the birds sing Mozart. But if perfection is in the eye of the beholder, then June can point out some major flaws – to her, Pren is just too boring. There, June is considered a freak because she’s normal. Normal, that is, until an extraordinary series of events leads her to realize that when she Writes, things come alive. Desperate to escape the normality of Pren, June runs away to the chaotic world that she has Written – called Earth. She ends up in modern-day New York City, a hubbub of lights and the smell of roasted peanuts. Life gets more complicated when June is introduced to a Council of Writers, where each Writer is responsible for his or her own fantastical Written world. And things get downright thorny when one Writer, Victor, pursues the single goal of reWriting his past – a power reserved to the Master Writer, who happens to be his mother. As he threatens to destroy the fragile balance of the chain of Written worlds, it is up to June and her newly-found partner, a Writer of sorts himself, to find a compromise – if there is any – between new friends and new enemies.