Sort of Saving the World

Yendle has narrowly won the wars against Crimnum, but the only thing 13-and-a-half-year-old Sandy Potts cares about is the fact she’s the only person in the world who doesn’t have a Skill. Mom can burp frogs, Dad can smell things burning, and her little brother Alex can summon bugs out of the ground, but her? Zilch.

To add to that frustration, Alex is recruited to the mysterious Center for Special Skills. Sandra avoids going insane with jealousy with the help of her two best friends at Purplum Junior High – confident, sassy Jackie who controls static electricity and the more serious Derek, who can see the inner workings of any mechanical object. Everything seems to be going great until Alex disappears and Sandy meets a man in a dream who reveals a terrifying secret – the Center is part of rebel Crimnum forces looking to take down Yendle from within. And apparently, because she doesn’t have a Skill, she’s the only one who can help – even though she feels like the most unqualified hero in the universe.

SORT OF SAVING THE WORLD is an upper-MG fantasy novel completed at 65,000 words, with series potential. The first two chapters of the unedited manuscript won the Nemerov Writing Scholarship from the University of Washington in St. Louis as well as the 2014 YoungArts Merit Award.