I’ve been pursuing journalism since the travel journals I kept as a 6 year old, meticulously articulating the organization of airplane interiors. Since then, I’ve had the privilege of writing for a variety of organizations on anything from news and feature articles, to arts and entertainment, to editorials, Q&As, social media posts, and podcasts.

See my portfolio of published journalism work below!

Shorelines is the Smithsonian Environmental Research Center‘s online blog platform. As their science writing and communications intern in the summer of 2016, I wrote blog posts in addition to co-managing SERC’s social media platforms and newsletter content.

SERC summer 2016 intern Anna Nordseth surveys fake caterpillars (Credit: SERC/Emily Li)

Geckos and Lemurs and… What? Celebrating Unexpected PollinatorsThis blog, as part of SERC’s festivities surrounding National Pollinator Week in 2016, highlights several species of unusual pollinators from around the world, from lemurs to mosquitoes.

Invasive Ascidians Are a (Potentially Delicious) Recipe for DisasterThis story features new findings from research conducted by SERC’s Marine Invasions Research lab on continental distribution of invasive ascidians.

Q&A: Preparing a Safety Net for Native PlantsThis Q&A with SERC’s horticulturalist Tony Dove explores the partnership between SERC and the U.S. Department of Agriculture to protect native plant species.

How Clay Caterpillars Help Unlock Biodiversity’s SecretsBased on an interview with SERC’s Terrestrial Ecology Lab intern, this blog examines SERC’s research on how tree diversity shapes predator-prey interaction in the forest.

An Acid Test for the CoastsSERC’s Ocean Acidification Lab investigates how acidification affects estuaries. This blog explores their 2016 summer intern’s research on which environmental factors are most responsible for the water’s chemical fluctuations.

Making Noise About Marine Sound PollutionThis story highlights the work of a summer intern in SERC’s Fish and Invertebrate Ecology Lab, who researched how noise pollution affects marine wildlife in the Chesapeake Bay and beyond.

The Mystery of the Muddy Creek RestorationThis blog follows a summer intern’s research in SERC’s Nutrient Lab, who investigated the oxygen demand of a mysterious red bacteria colonizing parts of a stream restoration site on campus.

Food for Thought: Cooking for Invasive BeetlesBased on an interview with Terrestrial Ecology Lab’s summer 2016 intern, this blog features the lab’s research on dietary preferences of invasive Japanese beetles to support plant conservation.

Emory Climate Organization (ECO) Blog
The Emory Climate Organization (ECO) is a student-led organization dedicated to increasing climate literary and collaborating with others towards climate action.

Elizabeth Beardsley from the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC) speaks in a panel at COP22 (Credit: Emily Li)

Knowing What We Don’t Know—Earth Information Day at COP22–This blog covers Earth Information Day at the 22nd session of the Conference of the Parties (COP) to the UNFCCC.

Talking About the Elephant in the Room—COP22 Reacts To Trump’s Election–This blog discusses how delegates at the 22nd session of the Conference of the Parties (COP) to the UNFCCC responded to election of Donald Trump.

Humans of COP22—Native American Canadian Youth Delegate–This Q&A with Native American Canadian youth delegate Sadie-Phoenix Lavoie discusses Trump and potential repercussions as part of ECO’s “Humans of COP22” project

The Tab
The Tab is an online news platform with branches at over 60 universities in the United Kingdom and the United States–including Emory University!

Emory senior Emily Li holds handfuls of tampons (Credit: Elbert Liang)

Emory campaign for free tampons takes off (News)

The Emory Wheel 
The Wheel is Emory University’s independent student-run biweekly newspaper. As a contributing news writer, I primarily cover news and feature stories on deadline.

Artist stall at 2014 Spring Festival on Ponce at Olmstead Linear Park  (Credit: Diana Kantarovich)

MERGE to Launch Identity Awareness Campaign (News)

Solar Powered Umbrellas Arrive at Emory (Feature)

Ducemus and Campus Life Partner on Greek Life Task Force (Feature)

Callanwolde Arts Festival Celebrates Local Atlanta Artists (Arts & Entertainment)

Ponce Festival ‘Springs’ Into Local Arts (Arts & Entertainment)

Exploring Gender, Values Through Language (Arts & Entertainment)

Emory Celebrates the Lunar New Year (Arts & Entertainment)

Woodruff Library Welcomes Seamus Heaney Exhibit (Arts & Entertainment)

Pride’s Annual Drag Show Inspires Expression (Arts & Entertainment)

Local Artists ‘Fall’ Into Seasonal Festival (Arts & Entertainment)

Would You Be a Bystander? (Student Life)

Learning From the Women of the Amazon (Arts & Entertainment)

MARBL Presents LGBT History (Arts & Entertainment)

Insight for Young Writers (Editorial)

Synergies is a digital regional reader for sustainability published through the College of Charleston Office of Sustainability. As an intern in the summer of 2014, I pitched and wrote articles for the publication in addition to managing the Office’s social media initiatives.

Proud Mary owner Harper Poe poses for a picture (Credit: Britton Holmes)

Transitional Justice in the Age of the Industrial Agricultural System (Editorial)

Sustainable Business Spotlight: Proud Mary (Feature)

Slam Dunk Sustainability (Feature)