Sorry. I’m literally the worst. (Britta from Community, anyone?) I’m really going to try and channel all of my me-ness into blog posts from now on, pretty much because it’s a lot easier for everyone, I think.

I recently completed an upper-middle grade fantasy novel titled SORT OF SAVING THE WORLD (it took so many variations of that title to get it there, you have no idea), and went through the arduous process of editing, re-editing, biting my fingernails down to stubs, drinking too much sparkling apple cider, reading random writing pep talks from the internet and generally making a fool of myself. My hope is that now I have something publishable. I poured a lot of my soul into this and I really, really love it. The plan is that I’ll find an agent (squee!) that feels the same way.

So now I’m sending out queries and preparing to have my heart squashed! Wish me luck!